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Some of my books are published by Bookouture, a division of Hachette UK, and others are self-published through my own Andaman Press.

My Bookouture books are The Orphan HouseThe Child Without a Home ,The Runaway Sisters 

and my latest book The Forgotten Children, which was released on May 18th 2023. 

I love connecting with readers, so if you'd like to get in touch, or to order a signed copy of any of my books, please let me know via the contacts page by pressing the button, or connect via Facebook or Twitter

I've been writing historical fiction, inspired by true events, for over three decades, and my first published novel was released by Monsoon Books in 2014. Bamboo Heart: A Daughter's Quest was inspired by researching my father's experience during the second world war. He was a prisoner of war of the Japanese on the Thai-Burma railway and the novel was loosely based on his story.  Since 2014, I've written fourteen more historical novels. Most are set during the second world war or the 1930s in India or South East Asia, but more recently I've been writing about the war in Europe.​

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