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Photo gallery from 2010 trip to Death Railway

Death Railway | Ann Bannett

This is Wan Lan station, described in my father's Liberation Questionnaire as "Wan Lung"  where he was between November and December 1942. The camp where the prisoners lived whilst building this part of the railway was beyond the trees to the right of this picture.  Near this station was the embankment where the prisoners tried to sabotage the railway by putting large bamboo roots into the embankment "when the Japanese were not looking, with a view to rendering it unsafe."

Wan Lan | Death railway | Ann Bannett
Bridge over the river kwai | railway | Ann Bannett

This is Terry Mantann of the Thai-Burma Railway Centre walking through Chungkai cutting. This cutting was made by hand by the POWs. Chungkai camp is nearby, on flat land where the river Kwai divides into two separate rivers; the Mae Khlong River and Kwai Noi River.  It was a huge camp and when the railway had been built, it became a hospital camp housing thousands of sick prisoners. My father was there between December 1943-June 1944. We know he was very ill with malaria for long periods. There is now a cemetery on the site of the camp. 

Bridge over the river Kwai | Ann Bannet 2010
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