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           My Bookouture Books

I was first signed to Bookouture in 2019, when they picked up my self-published historical mystery, The Foundling's Daughter. It was edited and released in February 2020 as The Orphan House. The ebook rose to #2 in the US Kindle charts and became a US Today bestseller. Since then, The Orphan House has also been released by Grand Central Publishing in the US and is available in bookshops throughout the states. My second  Bookouture book, The Runaway Sisters, was inspired by my mother's wartime experience as an evacuee from London to Plymouth (itself the target of German bombing raids). The book is set in London, Plymouth and on Dartmoor in Devon and is one of my favourites. It was published in September 2020.

I then signed another two-book deal for Bookouture. My third book, The Child Without a Home, is set in Cambridge in the UK and in East Prussia during the second world war. It is the story of Agnes, a twelve-year old girl whose homeland becomes the front for the invading Russian army. Having to flee her home village, finding herself in a vast, isolated forest, she is forced to provide for and protect her younger brother, Dieter at all costs. The Child Without a Home was released in January 2022. 

I am currently working on my fourth Bookouture title - set in London, Paris and Berlin during the late 1930s. It will be released in Spring 2023. 

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