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New Release

Escape into the dramatic world of London during the Blitz in this sweeping family saga of love, war and betrayal.

A Rose In The Blitz

1940 When May Rose’s sisters leave home to serve the war effort, May feels abandoned. Running away from the confines of Rose Park, the family estate, she finds herself in London, working as an ambulance driver, experiencing the horrors of the Blitz first hand. But what happens to her there remains a closely guarded secret for forty years.

1980 May’s father, Hadan Rose lies dying. May and her daughter Rachel go to nurse him through his final days. Rachel is determined that the family secrets won’t die with her grandfather.

When Rachel is befriended by local journalist and musician Daniel Walters, she thinks she has found an ally in her search, but soon suspects he has his own motives for seeking her company.

But delving into the Rose family’s dark past involves exploring May’s wartime experience too. Is Rachel prepared for the devastating truths she begins to uncover, or will they blow the Rose family apart?

A Rose In The Blitz is a sweeping family saga of love, war and betrayal. It is the first book in award winning author, Ann Bennett's brand new Sisters of War series.

If you enjoy compelling historical fiction by Dinah Jeffries, Victoria Hislop and Lucinda Riley, you will love A Rose In The Blitz.

Escape into the dramatic world of wartime London. Pick up A Rose In The Blitz to discover this exciting new series today…

"Brilliant book... I couldn't put it down." Amazon Reviewer

"I absolutely loved this book..." Amazon Reviewer

"Fascinating dual time-line novel..." Amazon Reviewer

"The tumultuous WWII period of Britain was deftly and poignantly rendered. The time lines were beautifully woven together and the tempo of the book was perfect." Amazon Reviewer

"This is a fast-paced plot with unexpected twists, fascinating characters, and a fresh look at life in London during the Blitz. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more about the Rose sisters." Goodreads Reviewer

My Bookouture books are The Orphan HouseThe Child Without a Home ,The Runaway Sisters 

and my latest book The Forgotten Children, which was released on May 18th 2023. 

Published by Bookouture

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